Bob Boutique is online always.  Your special  place for beautifully designed and made in Bendigo products.  ALL of these textile items (and others)are available online now at  

or for wholesale enquiries go to:  

Yes, of course they are all available through this website, please go to my contact page and place your order, I will advise you how to pay, and when they can be posted.  Thank you.

All textiles are made in Bendigo supporting local community and businesses.  "Love your Local"

Male Fairy Wren tea towel

Male Fairy Wren tea towel

$35.00 each from studio or

bob boutique. Now available

wholesale from:-

Rosella tea towel

Rosella tea towel

$35.00 each from studio or Bob Boutique. Now available

wholesale from:-

TEA TOWEL - Australian Red Eucalyptus - $35.00 from Bob Boutique or from Gail.

Visual History - Bendigo $35.00 At Gail's Studio or  now also at bob boutique.

Visual History -"Faces of Bendigo". $35.00  At Gail's Studio or now at bob boutique.

Tea Towel:Rainbow Lorikeets

$35.00 At bob  boutique and Gail's Studio or online of course.

TEA TOWEL - Purple Crowned Lorikeets - $35.00

From Bob Boutique or from Gail's studio.

Visual History "The Last Days of Bendigo Trams - 1972"  $35.00. Available from Gail's studio or bob boutique.

Tea Towel: Cameo Eastern Rosella at Bob Boutique & Gail's Studio $35.00

Rosella cushion

Rosella cushion (at Bob & Gail's Studio)

$50.00 each (cover only)

$58.00 each with insert

Also wholesale from:-

Rosella strap bag

Rosella strap bag (at Bob)

$65.00 each

Rosella journal

Rosella journal cover (at Bob) 

$28.00 each

Rosella purse

Rosella purse (at Bob) 

$39.00 each 

"bob hub" beautiful  little zip purse featuring my Rosellas-approximately 15cm x 13cm - all fully lined.    $24.00 each

(at Bob) 

Poppies cushion

Poppies cushion (at Bob & Gail's studio)

$50.00 each (cover only)

Wren cushion

Wren cushion (at Bob & Gail's studio)

$50.00 each (cover only)

Male Fairy Wren strap bag

Male Fairy Wren strap bag - 

$75.00 each (at Bob)

Wren purse

Wren purse (at Bob) - 

$39.00 each

Male Fairy Wren journal

Male Fairy Wren journal cover (at Bob)

$28.00 each

New Tea Towels now at Bob Boutique as well - perfect for your souvenir of Bendigo or for posting anywhere. My artworks on one and my photographs on the other. $35.00 ea Made in Bendigo

New Tea Towels now at Bob Boutique as well, all my own artworks.   Perfect for gifts and posting anywhere.

$35.00 ea Made in Bendigo

New historic Bendigo Tram images from my photo collection from the 1960's and 1970's - Only here at Bob or my Studio - nowhere else.

$35.00ea  Made in Bendigo

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