"Derelict at Wychitella"

Watercolour.  Framed size=

55cm long x 45cm high


​Forest Stream

Forest Stream


500mm x 430mm

Custom framed size.


"Pretty Poppies" Watercolour in progress is shown.  Now finished. Frame size 42cm x 38cm custom framed.  A little gem of a painting. $175.00

"So quiet and calm" 

Watercolour.  Framed size=

65cm long x 39cm high


"Capturing the morning light" Watercolour - moody and tranquil.  Framed size  78cm long x 43cm high   $420.00

"Stormy sky" Watercolour

Framed size 55cmL x 33cmH


Racing to Harbour- Watercolour- 55cm long x 35cm high (framed size). A moody little painting capturing sunlit waves and stormy sky.  $220.00

Old Farm near Bendigo. 400mm x 350mm mounted size ready to frame. Watercolour    $195.00 (Easily posted)

"Harcourt Railway Bridge"

Watercolour.   Framed size 96cm long x 74cm high

custom framed. $795.00

Bendigo Pottery Historic Stables - Iconic Bendigo
Bendigo Pottery Historic Stables  - Iconic Bendigo
500mm x 430mm
Custom framed size


A Feast of Nectar - Australian Birds

A Feast of Nectar
Australian Birds

920mm x 800mm

Custom framed size.

Available at Red Smoke Restaurant, High St., Bgo.

Three little Wrens


Framed size 39cm x 31cm


A day at the beach- Great Ocean Road area- Victoria

Australia - Watercolour

55cm long x 45cm high

Framed - $420.00

Caretaker's Residence at

Lake Jubilee, Daylesford Victoria.  Watercolour. Mounted & backed but not framed. 610cm long x 460cm high.  $330.00 (Easily posted)

Sacred Heart Cathedral - Iconic Bendigo
Sacred Heart Cathedral

Iconic Bendigo 


770mm x 600mm 

( Custom framed size)


Bendigo Joss House Temple - Iconic Bendigo
Bendigo Joss House Temple
Iconic Bendigo
500mm x 430mm 
Custom framed -Red frame.

TEA TOWEL- Visual History series. Filled with my artwork

of Bendigo  (watercolours and acrylic works)- a very special souvenir -Made in Bendigo $35.00

TEA TOWEL - Visual History series.My photographs of "Faces of Bendigo -find them on our buildings and in our streets.  Made in Bendigo $35.00    

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