Bendigo Postcards - all images from my artworks, all cards available wholesale for bulk buyers. Please contact me. (Otherwise $1.00 each)

"Hot off the press"

New Bendigo Cards $3.00ea

(Wholesale available for bulk buy - please email me)

Cameo Cards - Pack of 4 cute cards and C6  size envelopes.

$10.00 per pack

Beautiful Bendigo Cards - Pack of 4 with C6 sized envelopes.

$10.00 per pack

Aussie birds and eucalyptus

themes - great for overseas

sending.  $3.00 ea (Wholesale available for bulk buy, please email me)

Bendigo Rosellas, fish at Chinese Museum, Bendigo Creek and Wildflowers - all from my artworks.  $3.00 ea Wholesale available for bulk, please contact me.

Bendigo cards with my artworks featured (Bendigo Waxflowers is a photo-grey cameo.) All @ $3.00 ea with C6 envelopes - wholesale available- please contact me.

View Street, Bendigo theme

featuring View St.,verandahs

and El Beso Cafe.  $3.00 ea

with C6 envelopes. 

(Wholesale available for bulk

buy - please contact me).

Bendigo Heritage Style Cards- Pack of four.

Central Deborah Goldmine plus Tram 17 & Tram 19

$5.00 per pack

"Faces of Bendigo" fabulous cards with locations of "faces" on back of each.

$3.00 each with C6 envelopes. (Wholesale available for bulk buy- please contact me).


Fish or Birdies by Kevin

Approx 22cm long

$10.00 each

Fish family limestone​

Fish family- hand carved in limestone in Hebel block by Kevin.    $125.00 

(Sorry, cannot be posted)

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